Project Selection

County Government Destination Development, South Korea

Project Characteristics
  • Destination development for local Government
  • Emerging economic area, propelled by national space industry investment (USD1+ bn)
  • County-wide area zoning and masterplanning
  • Market and hub analysis
  • Definition of economic strategy, benchmarking/ international best practices, special economic zones
  • Cluster focus and investment promotion activities: aerospace, nature (focus on health and sustainability)
  • Definition of tourist strategy
  • Definition and scaling of infrastructure needs (incl. airport, public transportation, roads)
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Water & Health Resort, Vietnam

Project Characteristics
  • Two distinct sites within forest areas, incl. natural spa lake with distinct water qualities
  • Positioned as “Vietnam’s First and Most Natural Water & Health Resort”
  • Combining existing popular elements (e.g. leisure) with new ideas for Vietnamese market (e.g. unique spa concept, seminar hotel, clinic)
  • Both public and private usage zones
  • Conservative investment and operating assumptions, staged roll-out over 5 years
  • Client currently finalizing usage rights with government authorities
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Songdo Cluster & Urban Development, Incheon, South Korea

Project Characteristics:
  • Strategic project, embedded in Korea’s largest Free Economic Zone and new city development project; focus on key commercial area (~50ha)
  • Creation of leisure destination given favorable local demand conditions
  • Combined with “green-tech” cluster development
  • Entails synergistic set of elements including greentech village, energy village (social/leisure hub), shopping village, European Lake village
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Leisure & Tourism Destination, China

Project Characteristics:
  • Strategic project, located at nationally famous mountain area
  • Creation of leisure destination with various mixed-use elements
  • European theming and elements
  • Entails synergistic set of elements, divided into “public” (active) area and “private” (exclusive) area
  • Key elements include flagship hotel/wellness area, retail, education and edutainment
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Railway Station Redevelopment, South Korea

Project Characteristics:
  • Major redevelopment project pursued by railway company, in close cooperation with central and municipal government authorities
  • Mixed-use complex, with particular focus on culture and convention facilities
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Integrated Commercial, Tourism & Leisure Destination, Iran

Project Characteristics:
  • Large masterplanned community (850 ha, bordering nature reserve) for international investor group
  • Close to city centre, formidable highway access (potential link to Tehran subway network)
  • Full government support, licenses
  • Residential zone in beautiful golf course setting and hillside location, as key financial driver
  • 4 hotels, sports areas, nature park
  • Business park, special economic zone & shopping
  • Entertainment: authentic adventure park as leisure anchor, live performance venues, downtown entertainment hub
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):
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