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Project: Theme Park and Entertainment Hub, Iraq

Theme Park and Entertainment Hub, Iraq

Project Characteristics:
  • Adventure park with hotels
  • Special leisure features such as cinemas, events and edutainment
  • Prime leisure venue of city/region
  • Community hub
  • Attractive entertainment concept including fun and educational components
  • Non-gated entertainment and leisure area/garden
  • Main focus on locals – authentic
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning): .

Regional Diversification and Investment Strategy, Russia

Key Characteristics
  • Mandate for Russian real estate development company
  • Review of regional real estate portfolio and investment strategy
  • Financing advisory and financial structuring, fundraising
Maxmakers Role:
  • Strategic advisory
  • Research, assessment, interactive session and documentation/report

Integrated Leisure & Theme Park Development, Nigeria

Key Characteristics
  • Integration of theme park entertainment component within overall leisure and retail destination
  • Integration of cultural and natural dimensions
  • Leisure development strategy
  • Review of project strategy, concept and implementation planning
Maxmakers Role:
  • Research, assessment, interactive session and documentation/report

Large-Scale Integrated Agropark Development, China

Project Characteristics
  • World-class showcase of agropark, driving economic development and innovation
  • Maximizing synergies – within agropark core, and between agropark functions and “agrohub”
  • Agrohub as hub of activity for business, living, enjoying, experiencing
  • Combining best international & local practices, ideas, content
  • Maximizing the link/synergies with the agropark core elements (i.e. showcase products, branded products – from high quality food, themed restaurants, to fragrances)
  • Reasons for repeat visits (attractions, events, activities)
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Swiss Clean-Tech Cluster, Switzerland

Project Characteristics
  • Cutting edge development, sustainable city (core: university + industry park, innovation in clean tech)
  • Area of 260 ha, incl. on and off site infrastructure components, dedicated public transportation, etc
  • Industry park with commercial, R&D and light manufacturing facilities, focused on sustainability
  • Highest development & operating sustainable performance targets: Zero-footprint, close to zero-waste, 100% renewable energy based, intra-firm material cycles, etc.
  • Cutting-edge integration of latest city management, transportation and service features
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):

Sustainable Leisure Destination, with Economic Development, Oman

Project Characteristics
  • Large-scale destination development (60 sq-km)
  • Ecologically responsible tourist developments with adjacent nature reserve zoning (turtle nesting grounds, whales, dolphins, etc)
  • Fully based on sustainable infrastructure (self-sufficient energy and water desalination based on renewable energy sources)
  • Economic development through irrigation and agriculture, includes research institutes
Maxmakers Role (Business Planning):
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